Ambassador Theatre Group Zero Hour Workers and Casual Staff Refused Furlough Pay | Theatre News

Theatre Scotland has it on good authority that ATG (Ambassador Theatre Group) are not going to be giving their zero hour and casual employees furlough pay. This is in an attempt to retain as much funds as possible so they are in a good position when theatres do re-open.

As much as we understand the position the UK’s theatres find themselves in, they should also be prioritising retaining their existing employees as when theatres do re-open, those workers will be the ones who will be pivotal in bringing audiences back into those theatres.

It is not mandatory for employers to follow the furlough scheme, however this rather disappointing move from Ambassador Theatre Group does mean that they could lose a large percentage of their casual staff seeing as theatres aren’t expected to re-open fully till Spring 2021.

With up to 160 casual staff employed in the 37 UK ATG theatres, this failure to use the scheme will affect a vast amount of UK theatre’s front of house staff.