Are We Heading For A New Golden Age of Theatre, Film & Television?

During lockdown, the main majority of us have been looking at the negative implements covid-19 is going to have on our creative sectors. With many fearing theatres won’t re-open, films and TV shows will be heavily delayed. But what we haven’t been thinking about is the positive aspects of the situation we are in. 

Due to the hustle and bustle of our trade, many playwrights, screenwriters, directors and actors don’t have as much time as they want to, to prepare or work on pre-production for projects. Instead most of them are given a deadline and must be ready for production to start. So, when the whole world stops for what is going to be over three months and members of our theatre, film and TV industries have a lot of free time on their hands, perhaps this means their creativity will go through the roof? 

Out of lockdown I can see a creative boom, where we have a new golden age, by getting a ton of great work coming out of theatres, cinemas and television. This is all because creatives have been given time to reflect and gather ideas. It means they have longer to edit or develop scripts. I myself as a writer have never written so much in my life.  I am bringing out an hour-long audio drama in August, and 60 percent of that script was completed in lockdown. This is due to the time I had to develop and edit ideas. Not only is it time that writers have been given during lockdown, but obviously there has been a lot of inspiration given to writers , whether that is political or social issues, or even the opposite of that by creating a script which escapes the dark times we are in, writers are going to come out presenting superb work from this lockdown. 

For actors who are waiting to step into a role, that have the script for said project probably have all their lines learnt and an incredible character development awaiting when they eventually do take to the stage or step in front of the camera. 

For directors they have time to hone their vision and make it perfect for when they do come to work in rehearsals or on production. Not only that but many directors who are out of work will have found great scripts to work on once this full ordeal is over. 

What this article is about, is there will be light at the end of this, we will see people be creative again. Some theatres will close, some films and series will be cancelled, it is inevitable. But there will still be theatre, there will still be film and there will still be television, as people need entertainment. And entertainment needs an audience for all the amazing projects we are going to see come out of this pandemic in the next five years. 

Written by Lewis C. Baird