Bare Productions: Camp as Christmas | Review by Lewis C. Baird

Christmas is just around the corner! This year our festive theatre fill is going to be rather scarce due to the coronavirus, but thankfully some companies are coming to the rescue with some digital theatre content. Bare Productions are one of the companies which are giving us a festive treat in the form of their digital production Camp as Christmas. All proceeds go towards Bare Productions’ 2021 fringe show, Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Luckily, I managed to catch ‘Camp as Christmas’ to give you a heads up on what to expect during this festive affair. 

The best presenters come in pairs, like Ant & Dec, Phil & Holly, and for Camp as Christmas we have Jo Heinemeier & David Doherty (Jovid). The pair bring us lots of laughs, fun and madness as they take us through this packed Christmas showcase. They lap up the challenges thrown at them in light of the Covid situation, and don’t shy away from the bonkers scenarios they find themselves in. Definitely would love to see them on the This Morning sofa, petition anyone? 

Away from the madness of the presenter’s challenges we have some really great musical performances. Rebecca Drever’s rendition of Let it Snow is so lovely; her vocal style sounds vintage which suits and even lifts this number which was originally released in 1945. Luke Murray, the youngest member of this cast, brings us a delightful cover of George Michael’s classic Last Christmas. Charlotte Jones slays in her cover of Mariah Carey’s iconic song All I Want for Christmas, this is an incredible performance of a number which many would consider uncoverable, Charlotte proves them wrong. Darren Johnson gives us a marvelous performance of Driving Home for Christmas featuring a snowy Fife. Laura Green and Andrew Gardiner bring us a wonderful performance of Baby, it’s Cold Outside, it really is a great and updated version of this classic duet. And finally, to round off the night we have a truly beautiful rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Zoe Brookes. 

With this jam-packed digital production, we have a festive furlough sketch where the cocktail world’s answer to Nigella brings us a rather raunchy and hilarious cocktail making demonstration. One of the highlights for me had to be the three Priscilla queens building their gingerbread houses. Bernadette’s approach radiated the country’s current emotional state in isolation. This is no doubt going to be a hit with viewers. 

Also, there are interaction moments for viewers where you get to vote on the best lip sync and also best dancers. But I’ll leave that to you to make up your mind on who your favourites are! 

This production is great fun and is filled with cheesy festive content, which really is exactly what we’re needing this year. Sure, it’s not the usual form of theatre, but Bare Productions have done a superb job in putting together some really great content and the profits go to a production which clearly from this sneak peek is going to be great fun!  

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