Right now, theatre and concert goers are concerned after Scotland’s first minster Nicola Sturgeon announced on Thursday 12th March a ban on events which have a gathering of over 500 people.  

Mrs Sturgeon said that this move was to free up the use of emergency services “Mass gatherings require to be policed, they require to have emergency ambulance cover, they require the services of voluntary health services…”.  

This announcement seems to be more aimed at football matches and concerts as they do require a lot of emergency services to help with planning and any issues that should arise during said event. However, the first minister failed to specify in much detail what particular events this mainly effect. 

All ATG theatres with over 500 people such as Glasgow’s King’s Theatre, and the Edinburgh Playhouse have all released statements assuring patrons that shows will go ahead as planned until further notice. All those theatres are also taking precautions to make sure that public health and safety is the priority. They have announced they will be releasing a statement later today (16th March) so we will keep you posted with any changes.

Capital Theatres (Edinburgh King’s, Studio & Festival Theatre) have announced the cancellation/postponement of all events from march through to april. If you have tickets for any events at their theatres then you will be emailed with more info shortly.

Aberdeen Performing arts are going to cancel/postpone performances which are in their venues of over 500 people. The small scale theatres will remain open. Audience members for these productions will be notifyed.

Dundee Rep for now is remaining open, however they are reassuring patrons that they are taking precautions to make sure that their health and safety is not at risk.

The SSE Hydro Glasgow had to postpone the ‘Country2Country’ festival the weekend of the 14th due to travel restrictions impacting the production company. 

For further information and most recent updates keep your eyes peeled on official social media accounts for theatres and also the government. 

We will update our readers with information from official sources as is comes in.

Written by Lewis C. Baird