It’s Theatre Scotland’s First Birthday!

To all our readers & followers, 

Today is the first birthday of Theatre Scotland. The last year has been an amazing adventure for myself and our team. It’s been great to establish a new platform which explores different forms of theatre that visit and are created within Scotland. We hope you have enjoyed our opinions and reviews.  

Obviously for the majority of 2020 we have not been able to cover any theatre and have instead resorted to promotion of theatre online, whether that’s through our popular segment of Musical Performance of The Day, or just posting new online content which is accessible to our readers and followers. 

Going forward we are looking into new initiatives which solely promotes creatives and artists located within Scotland. One of those exciting new initiatives will be launched later today, so look out for that on our social media pages.  

We are also very aware that we have mainly been focusing on commercial theatre and musical theatre within our reviews. We shall continue to cover touring and large theatre productions visiting or made within Scotland, however, from now on we shall be requesting smaller companies, theatres and even communities if we can review their productions. As we want to promote Scottish made theatre more! It was and still is one of our main missions at Theatre Scotland, therefore, when theatres re-open, please let us know about your show! We will be happy to buy a ticket and come see it! 

Another big thing we want to encourage not only in Scotland but also within the rest of the UK is diversity on stage. During the events that transpired this summer whether that be Black Lives Matter protests or the rise in discrimination upon the trans community online, we have become very aware that our stages have not been representing the world we live in accurately. Therefore, we stand with the minority communities within society. We encourage them to create and star in theatre which represents them accurately. 

Finally, as we all know the future is looking bleak and uncertain. As much as we all are feeling helpless in this time, know that there will always be theatre within our lives in some form. Whether that be digital or physical, it’s there, and us at Theatre Scotland will continue to cover, promote and support our industry no matter what. 

Thank you to our readers and followers for supporting us through this difficult time. Also, thank you to the theatres and companies who invited us into their theatres to enjoy their divine productions. 

As it’s our birthday, we ask that your present to us is signing the below petition or donating to Capital Theatres. The Festival and King’s Theatres in Edinburgh are two of the most beautiful and most important theatres in Scotland. Without them, we would be devastated. Please help them.

Hopefully we will be back in our stunning theatres soon. 

Yours sincerely, Lewis C. Baird 

Editor/Founder of Theatre Scotland