Literary Madness | Wanted Convict


Welcome to Cowgate. During lockdown a convicted murderer has escaped through the pages of an iconic fictional book and onto the streets of Edinburgh. It is your job to find out who that murderer is with the trail they have left behind. Doing so gives the police an accurate description to begin their search to arrest this highly dangerous felon. 

You also have another task… A respected individual has come forward claiming that the convict is in fact innocent of the crimes in which they have been convicted of. Therefore, as well as discovering who this convict is, you must also determine if they are still guilty or infact not guilty, with the information given. If you do find them innocent, then who is the real criminal?  

Good luck. Detective Inspector John Rebus. 

This site specific activity was created by Queen Margaret University students as part of the BA (Hons) Drama and Performance/BA (Hons) Theatre & Film Site Specific module. Please do not remove any resources or artwork as this has been set out for assessment purposes and will later be removed by students.

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