New College Lanarkshire to Extend Performance Courses to Honors Level with Queen Margaret University

New College Lanarkshire is to continue its partnership with Queen Margaret University by building two new ambitious performance courses; BA (Hons) Musical Theatre with Creative Enterprise and BA (Hons) Acting with Creative Enterprise. NCLAN and QMU previously partnered to create the BA Acting and BA Musical Theatre courses which have already produced promising performers into Scotland’s theatre, film and television industries. 

Curriculum and Quality Leader for Performing Arts at New College Lanarkshire, Gregor Duncan, said “It is fantastic to be able to introduce the Honours degree at this time – and with everything that has been happening in the performing arts world recently it is absolutely vital. It is essential that we re-map the way that the industry works and how performers have a place in that.” 

Acting Dean of Arts, Social Sciences and Management at Queen Margaret University, Professor David Stevenson, also said “By combining professional actor training with the skills necessary to create and sustain new companies, festivals, and projects this degree will ensure graduates are ready to help shape the future of Scotland’s cultural sector.” 

These two courses clearly are a promising sign that institutions such as Queen Margaret University and New College Lanarkshire are already beginning to design their performance course curriculums to adapt to the climate of the pandemic. Hopefully this will help Scotland’s theatre, film and television industries have a strong return to normality and possibly even create more homegrown content. 

If you are interested in applying for performing arts courses at NCLAN please see the below link: