Tonight (Monday 16th March) is a horrific night for the UK’s theatre industry, and many other sectors as the prime minister advises the public against face to face social interaction. Which includes not visiting pubs, restaurants, cinemas or theatres.

Following this advice, pretty much all of Scotland’s mainstream venues have went dark, for what might be the most significant event since world war two to affect our theatres. Most of the regional and west end theatres elsewhere in the UK have also went dark. This is all to battle against spreading the Coronavirus.

It’s a very bleak time for our beloved theatres. For the next two months Theatre Scotland will be suspending theatre reviews.

Not to worry, we will be filling our content with updates and also some fun videos, podcasts and opinion articles to help kill time while we isolate ourselves.

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and support your local theatres through this difficult time through showing solidarity and support to artists who may be out of work due to this pandemic.

Written By Lewis C. Baird