If you’re looking for an exciting, sexy and empowering evening full of outstanding vocals and impeccable sass, grab yourself a ticket to the UK tour of SIX the musical at the Theatre Royal Glasgow this week! This show has truly put its own powerful stamp on the musical theatre scene with going from the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2017, written by two university students to world domination, including a west-end run, UK tour, North American tour and now has plans for a Sydney and Broadway run – and rightfully deserved.  

The musical is a fresh and modernised retelling of the six wives of Henry VIII, presented as a pop concert where the queens compete to be the lead singer of the group based on the hardship they suffered due to their ex. With the queens having been ‘divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded and survived’, it’s hard to decide who had it the worst. Each queen has a distinctive story alongside a cleverly written and displayed personality, and insane harmonies and choreography to back it up.  

All six queens gave an absolutely outstanding performance tonight, from Lauren Drew as Catherine of Aragon’s powerful belt, Shekinah McFarlane’s hilarious sass in the role of Anna of Cleves to Jodie Steele as Katherine Howard oozing sex appeal whilst also supplying great comedic timing. The queens take Carrie-Anne Ingrouille’s spunky and intense choreography in their stride, providing a performance that completely captured the audience’s attention for the full show. Special notice must go to Lauren Byrne’s rendition of Heart of Stone, as it was a truly breathtakingly beautiful rendition that certainly left the whole audience with goose bumps. Maddison Bulleyment displays the fun loving and cheeky Anne Boleyn in her rendition of Don’t Lose Your Head, which I am confident will be a highlight for many audience members tonight. Catherine Parr is dare I say one of the least exciting queens in my opinion, however Athena Collins takes this character into her own and truly displays her strength not only in her marriage but also in what she accomplishes without him, as shown in I don’t need your love. 

The direction from Lucy Moss and Jamie Armitage allows the story to seam flawlessly throughout the punchy musical numbers, making this production engaging and interesting for the whole 80 minutes. Emma Bailey’s set design paired with Tim Deiling’s exciting lighting design present a cool, fresh concert vibe which truly honours the nature of the show. Gabriella Slade’s costume design perfectly captures the fun, spunky personalities of each queen and the eye-popping glitter and bright colours truly create the pop-diva essence of the show.  

Overall, for a show that is full of innuendo jokes, pop culture references and modern music, it makes seriously important points about some of the hardship’s women go through and oozes female empowerment and friendship. This was the first time I got to experience this incredibly powerful show and it definitely won’t be the last! You truly feel immersed in the character’s stories and the concert vibe of the show will certainly have you on your feet by the end of the “Mega-six”! This performance truly made my night and I can’t recommend it enough, if you love powerful choreography, harmonies to give you shivers and a story that truly resonates with you after you leave the theatre, SIX is the show for you! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Written by Becky Campbell 

Tickets are available for SIX the musical at the Theatre Royal Glasgow, and the rest of the UK tour here: https://www.atgtickets.com/shows/six/