Theatre Scotland Podcast | In Conversation With Current and Recently Graduated Drama Students

We are kicking off a brand-new series of podcasts where we speak to different people related to theatre about how the pandemic has affected them and what the future looks like for their involvement in theatre, plus we just talk about the theatre industry in general. 

Today’s podcast features current and recently graduated drama students, four of those (including our presenter) being part of the Theatre Scotland team. Lewis is joined by Jessie, Lauren, Marcus, Rebecca, Ellis, Sam, Rachel & Hannah. 

Some of the topics include how this new age of digital theatre has impacted this group in terms of being an audience member, also as theatre artists and creatives. They also discuss the impact of the coronavirus on their education in a very practical course. 

They start off discussing the ‘One Show More’ performance from Britain’s Got Talent which you can view below:

And then move on to this rather alarming photo from Arsène Wenger’s Q & A at the London Palladium last week: 

All this and more are covered during the below podcast: 

Also take a look below at some of Rachel’s artwork which we also discuss briefly within the podcast: