When Will Theatres Re-Open in Scotland?

With the end of lockdown (hopefully) now in sight, the question now remains; when will theatres re-open?  

Down south many theatre producers and directors are talking about re-opening their establishments at the end of May. This is purely based on the prime minister’s statement earlier this week. However, up here in Scotland, we are taking a much more precautionary approach. The First Minister did not give any specific dates as she does not want to disappoint the public, instead she will wait and see how the data looks as we head into summer. This means we don’t really know when our theatre’s doors will re-open in Scotland. 

In hindsight if all goes well and we see everyone be offered the vaccine by July, it could mean that we will see theatres re-open round about then. The question is however, will the First Minister keep social distancing in place for the foreseeable future? This move would be different to Johnson’s approach where he has said we can expect social distancing to be exempt by June. If Nicola Sturgeon was to keep social distancing in place, we may see theatres suffer considerably if financial help is not in place.  

Theatres would not be able to survive with social distancing in place, as to generate enough profit to run a production you need theatres to be at almost full capacity, with half capacity, they would be running at a loss which would worsen their situation. 

Theatre Scotland will be keeping an eye on any announcements within the upcoming months but for now, it looks as if theatres will not be re-opening until after June.