Why Disney + Releasing ‘Hamilton’ Is Exactly What Theatre Needs Right Now

On the 3rd of July Disney’s streaming service, Disney +, is releasing a recorded version of Lin Manuel Miranda’s global smash hit musical, ‘Hamilton’. This musical has been seen by millions of people all over the world, and it only premiered five years ago. This musical tells the story of America’s Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. But at it’s heart is diversity and also a shift in the style of musical theatre for the 21st Century. For this production to be made accessible on a streaming service right across the world could be the move that saves theatre. Not sure how? Well let me explain.

Our theatres are suffering and are being bled dry by the coronavirus, many of them face certain closure. Others just need patrons to visit them when they re-open. Many people who love theatre know how important it is for our theatres to stay open, but many who are not familiar with this medium do not know the importance of theatre in our culture. This isn’t just for Scotland, this is global. What we need to make those people who barely or never go to a theatre realise this is a production which will impact them. Enter ‘Hamilton’. I know what you’re thinking, “If you don’t like or watch musical theatre then you’re not going to be interested in ‘Hamilton'”. Fair enough, but from what I’ve experienced, you could be wrong.

See, when the cast recording of ‘Hamilton’ first came out, some of my friends who didn’t like musicals or theatre at all bought it and listened to it. Then they proclaimed they loved it. I was shaken at the fact some of my less should I say, cultured friends, were loving a musical. It was weird to see this musical that even I didn’t know much about at first become this huge sensation, even outwith musical theatre lovers. Not only that but all of my theatre friends my age were going crazy for this musical. Therefore, there has to be something to it, as it’s clear from how quickly it transferred to the West End, plus how many tickets it’s sold (at a ridiculous price), that it’s insanely popular. And I don’t think everyone going to see this show are die hard theatre fans.

So, when this goes onto Disney + could it not only be one of the biggest events of the year for us theatre fans, but also one of the biggest events of the year on streaming sites full stop? Well we will see. But I have a feeling the release of ‘Hamilton’ on Disney + is going to emphasize the importance of theatre and why everyone should be donating to their local theatres. Plus seeing more shows!

Now, please no readers come to my house and butcher me, but…

I haven’t seen ‘Hamilton’.

I KNOW! So, when the recording is released on Disney + I will be writing an indepth review on what I think about this much hyped and great looking musical.

Written by Lewis C. Baird.