‘Fugue’ Digital Production by The Outsiders | Review By Lewis C. Baird

It seems the foreseeable future of theatre is going to be digital. Therefore, many companies are venturing into the unknown and exploring this new medium of theatre by creating digital productions. One of those companies are The Outsiders. They are doing an entirely filmed in isolation production of ‘Fugue’ by Rona Munro. 

‘Fugue’ is a suspenseful psychological horror about a woman going through a mental breakdown. 

Rebecca Riddell’s portrayal of Kay Douglas is one which instantly hooks you with the energy and naturalistic performance she presents. As we delve deeper into this character’s journey, we find a very different kind of woman presented to the audience. Rebecca really indulges into this character’s pain; we see this through subtleties at first and then through a clear yet believable breakdown of this worn character. This is a performance which really does take the audience on a journey. 

Isla Fairfield as Kay Nicholls adds suspense and drama to this already tense narrative. Isla’s portrayal is one which shows just as great a journey as Rebecca’s. The powerful punch that Isla delivers in emotional moments within this digital play really does impact the audience. Isla’s supporting role also at points amplifies Rebecca’s role as the two work great together. 

The following actors also featuring briefly amplifying the suspense of the drama. Sean Medeiros as as Mr Thompson, Alix Laurini as Young Kay 1 and Mia Laurini as Young Kay 2. 

Rona Munro’s text is one which really does look into humanity and the way people portray each other. It also makes us think about our mental stability and health. Within these worrying times this is a production which really does make the audience think, especially with the themes of isolation. 

Craig Walker directs this digital production. Craig does well to use the talented actresses featured to their full capability and have the production rely on their performances. The dark tones and mutual settings of the production help amplify the script. With that the only issue is that the editing can be quite jarring and take away from the performances given by the actresses. 

Digital theatre is going to be a very different experience to theatre. The Outsiders adaption of ‘Fugue’ is one which does well to tell Rona Munro’s story in a different way. The performances given by the lead actresses are intense and emotional, they have the audience sitting on the edge of their seat. However, the editing and production value can at some points take away from the main plot. But this is nonetheless a passion project for this company and one which was clearly fun to create.

You have until midnight tonight (31/10/2020) to view this production. Get tickets at the below link:


All profits are going to be donated to Breast Cancer UK. 

Written by Lewis C. Baird

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