‘Bard In The Yard’ (Pleasance Courtyard) | Review By Marcus Lundie

‘Bard in the Yard: The Scottish Play’ is a fantastic play that follows our beloved bard, William Shakespeare as he creates his Scottish masterpiece Macbeth. Shakespeare has come up on trip to Scotland for inspiration for his new play and is looking for help from the people of the fringe. 

Caroline Mathison offers a brighter, humorous more humanistic interpretation of oor Willie Shakespeare. Caroline effortlessly brings the audience in with her wit and and charisma, she is a fantastic actor that really drives this one woman/man performance home. Shakespeare in the park shows have been a staple for years when it comes to bringing the bard to the masses however this show gives us a behind the scenes type of story that bridges the gap between the audience now and Shakespeare then. The parallels that are drawn from Shakespeare’s time during the plague with the current COVID pandemic situation adds an extra layer of heartfelt empathy which connects with us audience members so strongly.  

I loved this performance and would highly recommend this production. It serves as a lovely reintroduction to live theatre for anyone. And us an accessible step into the world of Shakespeare.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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