‘Press’ (Black Bat Productions) | Review By Lewis C. Baird

‘Press’ from Black Bat Productions is currently playing the Cabaret Bar at The Pleasance as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. The play follows film producers, David and Kate as they wait in anticipation hoping for their prestigious Civil War epic, Catch Me Some Freedom, to be nominated for plenty of Goldies. Until, however, they learn that the film’s heroic lead role, played by a white actor, was, in real life, actually Black. 

Writer, Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller, has stepped into the role of David for this run due to the original actor sadly having to self-isolate. However, Nathaniel brings an extra level to this character, not only due to him being able to perform his original vision of David, but also due to this character originally being cast as a white actor. Therefore, with the narrative that we find David entangled in, it brings a different scope having a black actor play this role, one which seems even more. Nathaniel’s brilliant delivery of the sharp and slightly manic humor, helps gain some of the loudest laughs of this year’s fringe. 

Rosie Hart covered the role of Kate up until the 22nd Aug due to the original actress playing Kate sadly also having to self-isolate. Rosie’s quick wit, sarcasm and great dynamic with Nathaniel made this a thoroughly enjoyable performance to watch. And kudos to Rosie for learning and managing to smash the script in only three days. Her performance at points reminded me of Catherine Tate for the dead pan and farcical reactions, absolutely brilliant. 

Nathaniel’s script for ‘Press’ is quick paced, hilarious, laced with tongue in cheek political undertones and is thoroughly engaging from start to finish. The length of this lay is perfect as it doesn’t drag out the narrative for longer than it needs to, neither does it fail to give moments for the plot to breathe, the timing is perfect for the audience to lap up the catastrophic marketing on goings for ‘Catch Me Some Freedom’. 

This is a thoroughly enjoyable production, featuring two great performers and a fantastic script which continuously delivers in terms of laughs and reflecting on Hollywood’s broken industry in terms of diversity.  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Get your tickets for ‘Press’ below: 


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