‘Your Tomorrow’ (Éowyn Emerald & Dancers) | Review By Katie Daniel

In Your Tomorrow we are presented with a rare chance to see a mid-length jazz dance performance.

Your Tomorrow is sweet and emotional with the romantic goal of “celebrating the private moments, uplifting intimacies and companionable bliss of the relationships that unite us”. Combined with this celebration is the appreciation of having someone to catch you when you fall.

We spring into action establishing the relationship between our two dancers as they joke and smile together, dancing to music, which is upbeat, nostalgic, and familiar. They dance, chat, and share many Ferrero Rocher chocolates together, throwing them to one another and evening showering in them at one point like confetti as the characters mess around. This initial scene is joyful and innocuous as the dancers captivate. The energy of these sections really brightens your day but it’s in the lower moments of their story where we really feel the depth of the piece.

In balance to the glee, we see the couple go through harder times as they must both literally and figuratively support one another. They catch, carry, and hold one another, processing the lows and trying to come back to their joy. Their once bountiful supply of Ferrero Rochers, a symbol of hope and happiness run low, but they can use these reminders to come back to connection.

Dancers Katie Armstrong and Daniel Navarro Lorenzo are beautiful, technically deft and together their intimacy feels genuine. Their movements are smooth as they intertwine and weave around one another, lithely carving shapes as they carry us through the story. While they are both well matched to one another, Armstrong stands out with her infectious energy and expressive performance.

If I had to pick one tiny fault it would be the challenging sightlines for some of the floorwork with the Multistory stage, but I didn’t miss out on too much.

The concept of Your Tomorrow is simple but universal, what’s better than celebrating both the small joys in life and the most important joy of connecting and supporting the ones you love? And what more could we want right now but a performance that is caring, playful and genuinely joyful?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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